Whether you need a simple truss rod adjustment, new pads, cleaning, key adjustments, bent rods straightened, dents removed, or a complete “rebuild” or major repair of your instrument, we can do it for you.

We service brass, woodwinds, stringed instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, PA equipment and orchestra instruments.

Dixieland Music builds electric and bass custom guitars to your specifications.

We guarantee all work and, rest assured, your instrument will be in “good hands” while in our possession.

Repair Services

Stringed instrument setup

Bridge and saddle repair/replacement

Pickup installation and electrical repair

Truss rod adjustment

Amplifier, PA and pedal repair

Adjust & regulate key action

Clean and realign slide

Crown replacement

Dent removal

Free stuck valve

Frozen slide removal

Head and joint cork replacement

Key cork , felt or bumper replacement

Key roller, key washer, screw or spud replacement

Key pearl replacement

Neck tension, lyre screw or key guard screw replacement

Pad replacement

Pivot or adjust screw replacement

Refit head or foot joint

Refit sax neck


Spring replacement

Thumb rest replacement

Tighten rings

Water key cork, water key spring, valve button, valve cap, slide ring replacement